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A Word of Introduction from Founder Sabine Devlieger

My Roots

I have always dreamed of living together in peaceful harmony, respectful kindness and simple unity on earth. Very young already, my sensitivity to loving and caring bonds was questioned. Living in Rwanda, then in Belgium, the human suffering, precariousness, degradation and conflicts that I observed deeply questioned me. 

Finding the underlying causes and proposing innovative solutions to these social issues has been my driving passion for over 40 years, which has also stimulated my research work.

Through my life, I have met with so many different people, from prisoners to ambassadors, newborns, and people who were nearing the end of their lives. All these meetings enriched me and allowed me to learn, study, observe, analyze, and listen to the difficulties and needs encountered on the ground, as well as the hearts call of my human brothers and sisters. I have been deeply touched by the unique intelligence and the beauty of all the souls I met.

The hardships I went through have deepened my faith in the power of life and in the love that people can share with one another, in an simple and supportive way. Yes! I am touched by our extraordinary potential as human beings to connect with the energy of love inside of all of us, which is often misunderstood, devalued, and underestimated in human organisations.

Through my experiences, I have been amazed and fascinated by the inner forces of adaptation, creativity and the resilience of human beings, living species, and nature.

I deeply feel today how this potential of care, creation and innovation seeks to liberate itself in a great measure today, in the face of current global challenges, where the survival of the human species is threatened.

My Passion

Daily, I witness the joy of collective successes. The joy of victory when projects succeed in overcoming hardships, problems or predestination due to the imagination and realization of innovative and prodigious collective possibilities. The extraordinary power and beauty of individuals’ souls are revealed when people come together, animated by the same passion and motivated by an altruistic cause and an ardent desire to take up a challenge.

The love I have for children and the innate wisdom they have within them are my daily fuel. In my opinion, they have the ability to re-open closed hearts and contribute to help the free circulation of the energy of love.
Trees and nature are proven inspirations for helping experience inner peace and harmony.

My Path

My professional path quickly oriented me towards the research and study of practical tools that would provide efficient help in prevention and in support, as my contribution to the universal problems and real needs I observed.

Around this goal, and following the Paris attacks, the first Peace Tree was inaugurated in Avignon (France), in presence of the Mayor and inhabitants, initiated by our partners of "Humanity in Peace".
The cooperation with Max Deloor (specialist in pedagogy and author of the method "Let's increase the good") started.

Our research

Together, driven by the same values and aspirations, Max Deloor and I have co-created an innovative and transcultural Education Program, which is the fruit of our respective research and professional experiences. The program is titled, "International Peace Trees Program," and it outlines 5 keys of universal reconnection.

This research work was carried out within the framework of the "International Research and Training Center" (CIREF) that we created, as well as the NGO "Peace and Kindness in Action," to enable the deployment of the "International Peace Trees Program" and its concrete pedagogical tools in countries across the globe. This program enables the implementation and evaluation of processes developed by the International Research Center.

Our global vision

The global vision of the 2030 Agenda, signed by the 193 UN member countries collectively committed to achieving the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an invitation and opportunity to unite and act together using the collective intelligence of our hearts. Furthermore, it is consistent with our values and aspirations. Our goal is to unlock the creativity, the capacity to love, and the desire to challenge ourselves to put our talents at the service of the global common good.

The research, training, and support centers of our NGO are part of our chosen deployment strategy that allows us to support our local teams according to their needs and those of the populations in their countries. The purpose of our accompaniment is to help the local volunteers to move from the level of intention, to level 4 of deploying the International Peace Trees Program towards the SDGs on a city-wide scale.

Our contribution

We contribute by helping cities implement their initiatives toward becoming sustainable cities and communities, which is the aim of the Sustainable Development Goal no. 11. We also help them to realize their goals in partnership with other cities in the world, connected by their Peace Trees.

The "International Fund for Peace Trees and SDGs" developed naturally, given the success experienced by the International Program, and given the new demands received daily, and the extraordinary volunteer efforts of the many local teams on all continents.


This international fund is intended to financially support schools, communities, and cities around the world who wish to implement the International Program. It allows to give free access to children, youth and their educational communities around the world, to the best tools so they can experience peace and kindness as well as carry out research, express their talents and innovative ideas, and put their creativity into action to participate on the construction of their future.

This International Fund supports the structures that give youth the opportunity, from a very young age, to act concretely and contribute to the achievement of the 17 SDGs.

This fund also brings together personalities, entrepreneurs, families, organizations, associations, educational communities, and citizens around the younger generations and their futures, like a kind and supportive mantle, to allow young shoots to grow in an environment and climate that allows the fulfillment of their gifts and talents.

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Sabine Devlieger

Sabine is passionate about human potential, innovation, education and the environment. When you meet her face to face you will find her as warm as her smile is bright.

Max Deloor

Max has dedicated his life to helping others and he is fully committed to bettering the lives of children around the world.