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A great reconnection of the heart is emerging on earth

Around children and the future of the planet, with the help of the Peace Trees 

Peace Trees
June 14, 2018

Today, scientists everywhere are sounding the alarm at the level of the climate and health emergency. The employment, health and environment sectors are under threat everywhere and because the pace of life is accelerating, problems are increasing in number everywhere. Obviously, kind solutions are to be invented and put in place, urgently.

But it's not easy. So many people feel stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed or lost today. Countless are affected and feel hurt, disappointed, lonely and strange in this complex and often incomprehensible world. Something "screams" inside, with the desire for a big change. Like a strong aspiration to live in a world that is more in line with deep inner values. You certainly feel it too?
Given the course of evolution, it leads to growing feelings of anxiety, helplessness, frustration and discouragement, especially among youth who do not find themselves there. More and more parents, grandparents, entrepreneurs and leaders are also worried and concerned about the future of young people and future generations.

An innovative collective solution

The team of the International Research and Training Center of the NGO Peace and Kindness in Action has been working for many years on the issue to provide an innovative solution, including from what Einstein said: "No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it."

In the face of today's global problems, yes, it seems urgent today that we can reach a different level of consciousness all together. A level from which we can massively and collectively solve the global problems we face.

As Hubert Reeves says in the face of what he calls the 6th extinction of the human species: "Saving our planet and the future of the younger generation is a matter of heart today."

The International Peace Trees Network allows to experience in synergy the practices of excellences of the universal Peace Trees Program

This network responds to a deep human aspiration that is shared by a growing number of people all over the world. Animated by the urgent desire to connect with nature and our true human nature, that is peaceful, loving, generous and cooperating. The desire among many to "take each other’s hand", to help each other in simplicity, freedom and creativity to live and work together from a new level of consciousness: the level of the heart.

This international network connects people of all different horizons, ages and beliefs, who want to experience concrete peace, joy and shared universal love. It is through the 5 keys of the International Peace Trees Program that the students and the communities of the "Active Schools for Peace and the SDGs" in 11 countries of the world connect in conscientiousness with 5 common elements, where ever they are on earth, and enjoy together the reconnection to:

These 5 universal elements are cultivated daily by the conscious reconnection, lived together in micro-breaks, several times a day within the "Active Classes and Schools for Peace and the SDGs" thanks to the educative communities who are formed and supported in the world by our NGO.

Today, many other English, Arab and Asian countries in the world also wish to be able to implement this International Program in their schools and integrate this great universal human connection through the Peace Trees.  Everywhere is felt the need to re-connect with inner balance, to gently slow down to pacification and appeasement  and live these creative practices of excellence of the heart on a daily basis for the benefit of the younger generations and their communities.

The International Peace Trees Network has emerged naturally to connect all these children of the "Active Schools" and the citizens of the world who are driven and animated by the same common aspiration: that of contributing actively, by a personal and collective contribution, to the creation of a better world.

A world where each person feels included and loved, recognized and appreciated for his unique value and talents, which he has the opportunity to express. A world where the strength of solidarity allows everyone to be satisfied in his basic needs and feel safe. A world where everyone can experience concrete peace, love, care, compassion and the fraternal unity of people, in harmony with nature. A world where the qualities of the heart will define the earth and its inhabitants.

This is precisely what the 193 UN member countries are committed to through the collective signature of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda to ensure peace and prosperity for all peoples and the planet.The International Peace Trees Program is there to help the emergence of this great collective intelligence of the heart, united around the same positive vision for the evolution of Humanity, in a kind respect of the specificity of each one.

A great reconnection of the heart is emerging on earth

Saving our planet and the future of the younger generations is a matter of heart today

This reliance on the heart, experienced consciously several times a day in micro-breaks, coupled with a peaceful breathing allows to live moments of great peace and inner balance, in communion in love with oneself-love, with others, nature and all humanity. It allows to live, to learn, to innovate, to build, to make choices and to act from a higher level of consciousness.

This practice of excellence, called cardiac coherence, is used by athletes and high-level personalities to reach their highest potential. It has been adapted by our research team to make it accessible to all.

It is one of the 5 keys of reconnection of the International Peace Trees and the SDGs, cultivated in the schools of the International Network who inaugurated their Peace Tree.

Through the daily practice of this key, students learn from an early age, through their educational community, to be an actor of the change and to put themselves in a state of cardiac coherence, experiencing a world connected by the strength of the heart (and no longer by that of fear, power games or exclusion)

An innovative way to find innovative solutions, in collective intelligence of the heart

Today, scientific studies demonstrate the impact of the electromagnetic field of our hearts on our surroundings and environment.

Specialists have also demonstrated the impressive influence of the cardiac coherence state for increasing our abilities of superior intelligence and insights but also on health, inner skills of physical, emotional, and social performances.

It is the state of optimal psycho-physiological equilibrium that gives access to a new level of consciousness and the wisdom of the heart, the one capable of finding innovative solutions to the major global problems and challenges of today and the future.

As the researchers of the HeartMath Institute say, who are the scientific precursors in the study of the impact of the electromagnetic field of our hearts on our environment: "Increasing heart connections will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and consciousness.”

Everyone can contribute and amplify the great reconnection to the heart.

How to consciously activate the electromagnetic force of our own hearts to co-create peace, support the planet and children, and create innovative new possibilities, together, from our hearts?

Everyone can contribute by the strength of his heart today to create meaningful changes in the world for the better of everyone and future humanity.

Many studies show that when a group of people come together through collective meditation, prayer or shared intentions to achieve specific positive results, they have beneficial and measurable effects.

Here is how you can contribute to this great reconnection of the heart, for children and young people and in connection with the Peace Trees.

You can do it alone, anytime, where you are, or together with others around you or in connection at distance.

Increasing personal coherence helps align the body, emotions, and thoughts with its soul mission, through the power of the heart. Coherence serves as a facilitator, adding strength and effectiveness to your care, compassion, intentions and daily actions, including helping the world.

Our NGO Peace and Kindness in Action encourages you to practice it as often as you can during your day. You will obtain great benefits from it in your own life and will actively contribute to such an important change on earth!

Let us gather in the heart, so that all children and young people can be carried by this great collective intelligence of the heart, like a caring mantle around them, to allow them to flourish and act in the world, expressing their highest soul potentials, in cooperation with others. Thank you so much in advance!

A great reconnection of the heart is emerging on earth

Love is not a reward, Love is a great fuel.

Love is the “magic” energy, the unique human specificity which distinguishes us from machines today!

The International and national Peace and SDGs Trainers / Accompaniers also form an international support group in case of natural disasters, illnesses, crises and bereavements. They unite through their mind and hearts to transmit freely, each according to their personal beliefs, a compassionate and coherent care to the affected people and to the planet.

Trees are an inestimable support for everyone. Thus, every child or adult of the International Peace Trees Network for the SDGs is supported energetically and practically by the local and international teams, united by the Peace Trees.

Everyone is supported with kindness, just as trees are in the forests, to be able to grow and express his/her greatest potential ... and offer in turn, all his energy of love and the creative expression of the beauty of his/her soul for the well-being of the others and the planet.

The strength of the collective connected heart

Anyone can act as an "Emitting Antenna of Love and Peace" where he (she) is to facilitate the change of the global consciousness of instability and discord towards balance, cooperation and lasting peace.

This support, in the unity and reliance of the heart, everywhere on earth, and in connection with the heart of our earth, allows everyone to feel empowered to contribute as a transmitter and actor. Conscious and aware of the love, kindness and peace he or she can create in his own life and with those around him. It gives an extraordinary strength to co-create together a better world.

The pleasure of the Godparents of the “Peace Trees Classes”

The loving energy provided by the godfathers in the form of financial and moral support enables all Active Classes of the International Peace Trees Network to benefit from the COMPLETE KITS OF PEACE TREES AND SDGs that includes:

These supports enable the local teams to accompany all the Active Classes and Schools for Peace and the SDGs, so to allow the Godparents to receive each week from the children of their "sponsored Active Classes" several photos, videos, testimonials, drawings, poems, songs, breathing exercises/games, ... all that students have experienced and realized during the week around the 5 key practices of the International Peace Trees Program and SDGs. 

It allows them to encourage the children worldwide and to share their successes, ideas, innovations and their beneficial actions for their communities and for the environment.

These weekly sharing’s and connections brings a real collective emulsion! They live the joy of an innovative and supportive international citizen partnership, in reliance with Trees.

Godparents often support one or more classes with a group of friends or co-workers in their companies or administrations.

Together, they encourage these children and their communities. This moral support does a great deal to the sponsored Active Classes who sometimes live in really dramatic conditions of war, shortages and extreme poverty.

Sponsorship is as good for Godparents as for Godchildren because of the shared joy, creativity and extraordinary beauty of the actions that children perform for the planet and the communities in difficulty, locally and internationally.

So, thank you very much to those thousands of people, from all walks of life and origins, who already participate in the great Peace Trees and SDG’s Family today and unite to act for, around and with the younger generations and their future!

If you too would like to support the children of an "Active Class for Peace and the SDGs" and their teacher, and positively impact families too, thanks to the children, you can write to us by email at:

Thank you so much for contributing to the current and future collective successes of the youth, who has to face such a difficult times and big challenges for future.

Thank you to give the children and youth the opportunity:

It's a real gift that the Godfathers and Godmothers offer to themselves too, for all the joy that these shares bring them every week!

Do you feel it too? It is just like as if, silently, the Trees called us, all the citizens of the world, to unite, to converge together and create new Solidarity Partnerships, at a critical moment in the history of Humanity, to co-create, by the strength of the heart consciousness, the achievement of the 17 SDGs and a more harmonious world for all.

Thank you for your contribution by Love for all these millions of children and their future!

With all my faith in new amazing possibilities emerging for humanity through our deep inner heart connection.
Sabine Devlieger

All humans have the right to return home and become indigenous to this Earth, to become real human beings living their full potential as caretakers of life, to become people with big hearts living in cooperation with each other and with other forms of life.” Arkan Lushwala


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