Mission Statement

Today is a benchmark for humanity to act together for the younger generation and our planet.

Peace & Kindness in Action’s mission is to foster collective heart intelligence and connection through our International Peace Trees Program. Our aim is to inspire and involve youth to create innovative solutions, supported by their communities, that contribute to a brighter future for all and a healthy planet.

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International Peace Trees Program and SDG's


Offer an innovative model through the International Peace Trees Program to give all students the tools to reconnect to inner peace and heart balance also as creativity and the desire to undertake projects that help others and the planet. Like in a forest, they are supported in this by their teachers, their families, local communities, and authorities.
The worldwide Heart Connection facilitate sustainable harmony and global peace


Through our program, we invite students and their families to undertake and validate five actions collectively per year that actively contribute to the United Nation’s pillars of sustainable development: Planet – Peace – Population – Prosperity – Partnership.


Our tools’ objective is to reinforce students’ inner competency. Inner competencies are indispensable in today’s world in order for students to succeed in their personal future and to innovatively handle the globe’s planetary challenges in solidarity with others.


The five universal keys of the International Peace Trees Program has trained thousands of students toward becoming psychologically balanced and at peace through practicing Peace Trees’ games/breathing exercises and using micro-breaks in classrooms and facilities.

The Peace Trees Program Is Being Used In the Following Sectors…

Personal Practice

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Schools: Kindergarten and Elementary

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High Schools, Trade Schools & Universities

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Refugee Camps, Transit Camps, & Prisons

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Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities

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Artists & Artisans

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Cities & Villages

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Governments & Countries

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United Nations

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The global vision of the 2030 Agenda, signed by the 193 UN member countries, collectively committed to achieving the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG's), is an invitation and opportunity to unite and act together by using the collective intelligence of our hearts. Furthermore, it is consistent with our values and aspirations.
Our goal is to unlock the creativity, the capacity to love, and the desire to challenge ourselves to put our talents at the service of the global common good.

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